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"Finding good quality courses for kids in this age range can be a struggle, but creative coliseum stood head and shoulders above similar holiday activities." - M. Mills

"The workshop was AWESOME !!!!!!" - Joseph, age 5.

"What a fun and engaging experience for my daughter! She loved all of the activities and was genuinely excited to go back everyday." - Shana.

"Hamish had a fabulous time at Creative Coliseum. He was completely engaged in the theme of the day and often wanted to continue it when he returned home." - Michelle. 


"I had such a great time that I stayed all week! I loved all the painting and projects and being silly and imaginative. I met lots of new friends and I would really like to go again!" Noah, Age 7

"What a wonderfully devised, well thought out and exceptionally delivered workshop. From start to finish, our experience with creative coliseum has been amazing and we would not hesitate to book future workshops."  - Helen.

"Loved It, Really Fun!" - Savannah, Age 5

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